Simple URL forwarding code generator

If you've moved your web site to another domain name and you would like visitors from your old web site to be automatically redirected to the new url, use a meta refresh tag to forward them. Use this online script generator to create the code for you, then copy / paste the code into your old domain web page.

The simple URL forwarding code generator is a brilliant script generator that allows you to forward traffic to a new website address. It is a simple way to show people that you've moved your website to a new domain. The generator uses a single drop down menu so you can identify the type of forward you want.

1. Select forwarding/redirect type

2. Insert New Url to redirect to

3. Insert old URL address if .htaccess redirect method is selected

The simple URL forwarding code generator uses the following options:

  • PHP 301 redirect - it uses php header() redirect at server level
  • .htaccess style redirect (Apache) - it uses htaccess permanent redirect option at server level
  • Meta tag redirect - It uses HTML meta tag redirect at client / browser level
  • Javascript - It uses the window location replace at client / browser level

Each option has its own benefits, so you may want to research which one will be best for your website. They will all accomplish the same thing, that is, they will redirect your site traffic from one website to another. This function is invaluable if you have switched domains or moved your website to an entirely new web address.

The simple URL forwarding generator helps to create a script to simply redirect your site. It is the standard way to connect with your site users and make sure you never lose business due to a 404 error. When used properly, a URL forwarding code will work without even being noticed, unless you want it to be. For example you can setup an interstitial page just to let the user know that you moved to another domain and he will be automatically be redirected.

The URL forwarding script generator has a drop down mention that shows the type of forwarding option you want. Once you pick that, you'll be prompted to enter in your old site url and your new site url. Basically you want to tell the code where to go once it reaches the old url address.

The URL forwarding generator offers web developers these advantages:

  • Easy to install
  • Quickly generate code to insert into your website
  • No guesswork, the generator does it all for you
  • Enter in the features you want
  • Completely customizable

The generator creates error free code that works properly and optimizes your website. All you have to do is enter in the custom info. You don't have to worry about debugging your code or spending countless hours trying to get the script to work. With the link generator, the code just works like it should.

The scripts and URL forwarding code generator have been designed to make your life as a web developer, coder or site administrator easier. These scripts will integrate into your existing website seamlessly. You won't have to spend hours looking for the right code or solution to your client's demands. You can even use these on your personal website. They work in a variety of industries and website categories.

Dvelopers at understand that you don't want to spend valuable time trying to work out a coding issue, that's why using a script generator is a natural choice. If you're a designer or a developer, you can find a code or script generator that will fit your needs here. Our code generators have a variety of functions but they also are meant to make your life easier.