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20+ Web 2.0 Online Generators & Tools

20+ Web 2.0 Online Generators & Tools

Well... after weeks coding to create some generators i just found a web page that have the same web generators that I was trying to create. So I think it's worthless to louse another week with something that it's already out there.

So instead of recreating the wheel again and again i just put here some links of my must-have web generators. I hope you will find them useful. I think that a good webmaster is not a webmaster that create a different code for every website but a one that creates a code that can be reused over and over again in different context. So here we have our 30+ must have web 2.0 generators.

1. Ajax Image Loader

This is a quite effective free tool for web developers that generate cool loading icons. You can easily create your own ajax loader icon. Just pick a preloader from their huge


Valid xhtml code for the Google +1 button

Valid xhtml code for the Google +1 button

You probably by now have heard the term "+ one" or "Google + 1" lately. Google is redefining the meaning of "plus one" as plus one now means this website, page, article, information is important. Plus one is Google's answer to the "Like" button or...

HTML-PHP-jQuery ContactForm v2

HTML-PHP-jQuery ContactForm v2 As our last HTML/PHP Contact Form-Mailer Generator was so used by our visitors, we created a second version of our contact form, HTML-PHP-jQuery ContactForm v2, a lot more powerful and customizable. We are using jQuery to validate and Ajax...

HTML/PHP Contact Form-Mailer Generator

HTML/PHP Contact Form-Mailer Generator Create your own HTML - PHP contact form in seconds. Our free online contact form generator helps you create HTML - PHP contact forms for your website, with no programming required. By using our easy to use contact form wizard you can design simple or...

***This generators are under maintenance due to the change made to our template. Since we migrate our website to one of the best hosting company it seems that some of our generators are not working but we are trying to make them available again. We apologize for any inconvenience.